Percy Jackson: Life Of Chaos DISCONTINUED

Percy Jackson: Life Of Chaos DISCONTINUED

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Star By Essie-S-Nix Completed

"On this very ground you're standing on, 

I will disclaim my loser of a son and failed

 hero Perseus Jackson. I , God of seas, 

saltwater, earthquakes creator of horses, 

now disown my son Perseus Jackson" 

Poseidon announced. Alec whispered 

something in Annabeth's ear which made 

her smile. Just then Annabeth leaned in 

real close and kissed Alec on the lips, I 

mean she kissed my half brother in front of 

me, and as far as I knew we never broke up, 

we're now officially done, I knew exactly what to do. 

Percy Jackson had lived a hard, and ruff life as a demigod, he is tired of going through the one war to the next, he just wants to take a break from saving the world. And just relax and spend time with his Girlfriend, when Percy finally thinks things are going well, it start to go down hill. Starting with his girlfriend cheating on him. Percy leaves, heartbroken and alone. But later returning he realizes that maybe there's a chance he can love again, and with his team on his side maybe the odds aren't that's bad..

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I love how this is so casual. Gets a ball of energy sent into him then almost passes out b/c of the pain but just pushes himself up and says 'Ready to go father?'
lionheo04 lionheo04 May 16
I notice the word flash a lot now that I watched Flash on CW XD
Also Amen chaos !!! The gods do have lazy asses all those who agree raise their hand! *everyone in the world no the universe raises their hand* HELLZ yes!
ChrissyBoyyy ChrissyBoyyy 6 days ago
The best thing in this book was always the name Beckendorf. Translated it would be something like bowlvillage! Everytime I read it, I get happy. I don't know why.
Hellz YEAH!! Bring Luke!! And kick your sorry excuse of friends asses! Goodbye annabeth! Kiss my ass all of the six
I was actually hoping for Percy to throw the necklace and accidentally hit Annabeth on the face