The story behind her

The story behind her

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Aaron has everything. He even knows other people that do. But he notices one girl out of every other girl that is different. She looks like she has everything. But has a secret she isn't telling. Aaron can sense this. And he makes it his mission to figure the girl out.

Wither it be flirting with her To get it out, or beating it out of her. He doesn't care. But he won't stop until he figures her out.

And things happen along the way he wasn't expecting. Feelings he has never had before, and ones he can't deny. 

So what will Aaron do?


Jasper Harper moved to a high school in freshman year and almost immediately made new friends. She has popular best friends, but no one knows her. She just wants to be known, and not for her past. 

Her name is soon known, but not the way she wanted. It was all because of the schools bad boy,

Aaron Chester.

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jennergilberto jennergilberto May 26, 2017
**"I rushed through and, right away, heard my name being called out."