Cigarette Daydreams ♱ Angel {1}

Cigarette Daydreams ♱ Angel {1}

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Dana By sethgeckos Updated Jan 06

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Angel FanFic (previously named Novice)

Lindsay Bennett was just a high school student, average grades, and becomes best friends with Buffy. That was until she found out her friend is a slayer and monsters are real. 

Now Lindsay has to adjust her life when Buffy's fate starts affecting her life as well. She wants to train to also be a fighter-a slayer even though that isn't in the fates. Lindsay learns to be tough and a vampire catches her attention. 

Lindsay knows her life will never be the same, but she would do anything to protect her friends and family

{season 1}
{cover made by bradford_bad_gurl1}

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ZafirahArcher ZafirahArcher Apr 26, 2018
He's the original broody vamp, Stefan is the remake (I love bby Stefan stills)
theplanetarium theplanetarium Feb 11, 2016
I'm so excited to read this! The only good fanfic of BTVS is the Zoey series.
sassybarnes sassybarnes Jul 27, 2015
thank you  thank you thank you for writing this. there aren't any btvs stories
TeresaLee9 TeresaLee9 May 14, 2015
I like it so far!  I ❤️ Angel & Buffy and I've seen every single episode.  Good Luck!