The Devil Child

The Devil Child

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Emi By WickedPromises Updated Aug 10

Polly has a secret: she likes girls.

Polly has another secret that she can't dare let out.

She's been to Hell and back, suffering in a 'Pray The Gay Away' camp, and now she has finally escaped, only the horrors of her past are there to haunt her. And now, she lives with her aunt and uncle in a town where she's sure she'll never be found.

Only, God has a funny way of knowing  exactly  where people are. And it's about time Polly paid for her sins.

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#4 in Horror

Sequel to The Skeleton Bøy; you do not have to read The Skeleton Boy to understand and enjoy this story.

    My family in general has no interest in religion at all, to be honest
    mehfics mehfics Jul 13
    ugh why did i not find this earlier. this is so interesting i feel the feels ya know
    - - Jul 04, 2016
    I finished Skeleton Boy and Stolen Girl, I know this will be as amazing.
    I'm glad my parents aren't like this, honestly, and that I don't know anyone like this. My family is a group of hardcore Christians and I'm a pretty big Christian too but the bible isn't about hating people, and it most certainly not what God wants.
    MDH1977 MDH1977 Aug 10, 2016
    I'm writing this comment while my "foster cat" is tearing a mouse to bits right outside the front door. That should put me in the mood for some horror, eh? Just finished the first part and it's really poignant. Will read the rest. Props!
    eveiirev eveiirev May 05, 2016