Fake Dating The Jerk // Matthew Espinosa Fanfiction // UNEDITED

Fake Dating The Jerk // Matthew Espinosa Fanfiction // UNEDITED

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kealy ❁ By StoriesAtSunrise Updated Sep 25, 2015

After years upon years of torment from others, and a heartbreak that made her give up all hope on love Myra sees one boy that changes her life forever. 

At first he wants nothing to do with her but when it comes to sweet revenge he begs for her help. She gives in to his pleads and agrees. 

Myra knew it was going to be a difficult task, but what she didn't know was there was going to be feelings involved. 

Will he end up having feelings for her too or will it be a one-way road to heartbreak for Myra once again?

zoseybow zoseybow May 17
I'm sorry but am I the only one who can relate to this woman "only eight in the morning and she already looks exhausted" me on the daily???
Honestly they're really childish if this is how they deal with their insecurities
This is my fourth time reading this book and it still entertains me
If that was me I be like 
                              "At least I don't have a brain that was bought from a dollar store"
oneandonlybea oneandonlybea Oct 01, 2016
Same I've been using lockers for 4 years and I still have to put in my combination at least two or three times before it actually works and it opens
__OmahaSquad__ __OmahaSquad__ Jan 27, 2016
When you read going to Be the death of me an the weeknd plays in your head