Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Love Story): Season 2

Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Love Story): Season 2

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Amaterasu!!!! By Amaterasu Updated Sep 26, 2017

The sequel to Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Love Story):

 Nearly two years after the events of Beauty is the Beast and the start of the Naruto series. Hisayo has made friends, but continues to deal with a few issues such her old clan and her own personal feelings for a certain Konoha shinobi. Akio continues to be a much needed parent though he too is dealing with his own feelings and a past, which continues to haunt him. Satoru has continued to keep a deadly alliance with a man so sinister, that the Hokage himself has been unable to defeat him. An unpleasent series of events will keep everybody on edge and put Hisayo at war with herself. 

Was it really worth staying in Konoha, especially after the very people she pledged her life to protect suddenly turn on her? Stuck between a world of humans and a world of demons...does she really belong anywhere at all?

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Vixenthief Vixenthief Oct 19, 2015
i'll be binge reading this book since I just finished the first
Yukikami-sama Yukikami-sama Mar 11, 2015
@the_hooded_girl and @Amaterasu ok I have decided if I don't read these two books too, the whole story of the clash of brats is unclear ... sry hoody but I have to read season two first
ForgetMeNotZ ForgetMeNotZ Aug 07, 2012
i'm actually not scared of bugs but gross giant bugs like in the forest of death. i thought they were in the chunin exams for a small moment.
Aubielovsea Aubielovsea Jan 05, 2012
Love the story! I haven't commented because I was so into the story and wanted to know what happens! I did the same for the first one also *oops!* but I loved that one too!;)
Eclair_Designs Eclair_Designs Dec 18, 2011
Came across this story today. Read part one and cought up to part two. Very, very good story! Please update soon!
Amaterasu Amaterasu Sep 10, 2011
@the_hooded_girl *cries* I know, right? But they can still be brats at times lol :P