The Wanderer & the Witchfinder

The Wanderer & the Witchfinder

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_littlemonsters By _littlemonsters Updated Sep 27, 2016

In a dimly lit market place, surrounded by hagglers and merchants, thieves and magicians sat a lone and beautiful girl. They call her Ophelia (although that is not her real name) and they say she can see the future. It's a lie, of course - a trick - but they do not need to know, for the truth is much crueler than the illusion. She is a Deathwitch. 

Ophelia lives a life of dark spells and black magic. She is a finder of lost things, a musician to the dead and a teller of tall tales. And yet she, herself, is a part of a much bigger story, a story of sleeping witches in glass coffins, of bottled souls and undead bandits. 

She is a Deathwitch and she is going to save the world.

Amid_Time_And_Space Amid_Time_And_Space Apr 19, 2017
I love this! Amazing descriptions in this chapter, well done!
---Azura0103--- ---Azura0103--- Aug 28, 2016
Umm you ever going to update its beeeeeen fffffooooorrrrreeeeevvvvvveeeerrrrr and I really want to read more
durandconnie durandconnie Sep 23, 2016
So true! I like the book cover artwork! In fact I wish I had that dress and cape.!!
Infactimanonimus2001 Infactimanonimus2001 Aug 22, 2015
Please update! Your story is amazing!! Can't wait to read more of it!
- - Jun 18, 2015
Just happened to find this, and I'm so glad I did! This is such an intriguing, captivating story; I already can't wait for more!
analogy analogy May 14, 2015
omg I literally cannot contain my excitement for this, okay. Write, Maddie. Write! x