Stuck With The Jerk Next Door.

Stuck With The Jerk Next Door.

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unluckyginger By unluckyginger Updated Feb 08, 2011

Samantha's POV.

I sighed and stuffed the books in my overly cramped locker, listening to my friend Brianna go on and on about someone.

"Seriously, Savannah's such a bitch!" Bri complained from beside me.

Thalita laughed along with me. Bri can get so over-dramatic over things so easily.

I rolled my eyes. "Just let it go, hun."

She crossed her arms, "Nope, but for now I will."

Honestly, I didn't know what Savannah did. Savannah A.K.A slut of the school.

Every guy wanted to bang her and her ego grew way to much. She use to be such a good person, we use to be really good friends in middle school.

I sighed again and slammed my locker shut, following my friends outside, waiting for the bus.

"Bye," I waved. "My bus is here and I know this cause of Tyler's little 'posse' over there." I put air quotations around 'posse'.

They laughed and waved after me.

I slowly walked to my bus, I didn't like not having my friends on my bus.

I got by the bus and Tyler noticed me. He smirked and wal...

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ThisKidSucks ThisKidSucks Jan 31, 2015
I hate it when people call me hun lol idk it's just annoying to me.
rockmysocks rockmysocks Jan 06, 2011
It's okay, but I just hate the "-Flashback-" and "-End Flashback-" 's; it just ruins the flow of the story!! ><"
xtrinhx xtrinhx Jun 11, 2010
I know this is not the right time, but you should check out my story VAMPIRE OF THE UNDEAD. IT A GREAT STORY. <3<3<3
Balistic29 Balistic29 Apr 29, 2010
                              Holy crap! Awesome job dude, so freakishly awesome!!
                              Love this story already :D
DinosaursGoRawr DinosaursGoRawr Feb 02, 2010
This is great so Far :D
                              Makes u wanna keep reading(:
                              *runs to next chapter*
sanctidiaz sanctidiaz Dec 25, 2009
its good. it's kind of funny, my character's name is also 'samantha'.. would you like to read it? I'd love it if you will. :)