Checkmate, Darling[WEREWOLF]

Checkmate, Darling[WEREWOLF]

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From what i could see, my attacker wore shorts and is half naked. I refused to look at him. But something in my gut told me to do so. What if he kills me? I'll be dead with a capital D. Nonetheless, I  decided to go with my gut instincts.

His dark blue eyes looked like an beautiful ocean in the night. He has the perfect jawline and striking features. His hair was as dark as the shadows of twilight. My eyes drifted to his aesthetically pleasing physique. Lean muscles and hard abs that I want to run my hands on.

I stared at him speechless.My wolf was howling with pleasure and purred 'mate'.He clenched the fists once arms crossed and gave me a tight-lipped smile.

"Mate" he said in a bored tone. 


Scarlett Aspen is like all the other girls, looking for a fairy tale and a loving, sweet and caring mate.
But in that one fateful night, she never thought everything will turn upside down. She never thought a pack of powerful and pitiless wolves would attack her pack. She never thought she would attack a wolf to save her life. She never thought the Alpha of the attacker pack would be so devilishly handsome.

And most of all, she never thought that merciless Alpha would be her soul mate. 

He is everything she doesn't want.
She is all he wants.

One small problem. He isn't the prince of charming. He's a jerk.


Love is not a game. It is not about who wins. It is about two people who hopelessly fall for each other. Love is showing that you care.  But this story is about a pair of mates, who don't want to accept it. They play it like a game of chess. Both have dark pasts. Both have secrets that they are not willing to share. Both are determined to win this game. The game of LOVE. 


I'm editing. Be patient. No need to be mean 'bout it.

OhItsRonni OhItsRonni Dec 20, 2016
This book is cuntfusing I thought she was already in human form because she was screaming and pumping her fists and stuff.
someoneunimportant99 someoneunimportant99 Dec 05, 2016
I imaginr him putting his fist towards the sky and cursing like really dramatically 😂
ducky2520 ducky2520 Jan 05
This girl tripped on the stairs and a ghost saved her from falling
katykat711 katykat711 Jan 03
I wouldn't have been crying I would've been pissed like full on hulk raging
TheMemeQueen_ TheMemeQueen_ Dec 21, 2016
I love how he just killed her whole family and they're actually mates😂 imma keep reading but so far it's like every werewolf book ever
KatherineRivas7 KatherineRivas7 Dec 20, 2016
Probably not the time to mention this but her fur reminds me of red velvet cake