My Mate is My Best Friends Brother

My Mate is My Best Friends Brother

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Dawn Hammock Salinas By vampiremom Updated Apr 11, 2015

-Aylssa's first Change-

"MOM!!!" I screamed from our second floor bathroom. I waited about a minute then yelled again."MOTHER GET IN HERE NOW PLEASE." Dont get me wrong, I actually knew what was going on, but with us, this time in our lives arent like normal humans. We go through a change. More pacifically, our FIRST change. See im a werewolve. My whole family is. and when we hit puberty is when it is triggered. For a girl our first cycle. Its about 9:00am and i just woke up about 6mins ago. When I got out of bed i noticed blood all over my snow white sheets. I ran directly to my bathroom and showered all the blood off me. Thats when i figured out what was going on and why I was hollering my head off for my mother who is now trying to catch her breath in my bathroom door way.

"Alyssa Rayne. What is the matter with you?"My mother said inbetween gasps for breath. I couldnt help but laugh a little. Her face was so funny." Now why are you laughing girl have you gone totally insane?"


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He so tall you know what I'll just imagine him 6'2 and her as 5'11 for the sake of her neck
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when my mine started I was mad because now I'm more like a girl