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Demigods At....HOGWARTS?!?!?

Demigods At....HOGWARTS?!?!?

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Yurio By wish_they_were_real Completed

Will the demigod ever have a normal life? 
The Giant War is won. The seven, Thalia and Nico decided to hang out on the beach when suddenly Chiron calls them to the Big House. What is in store when they go th pig farts (Hogwarts) and have to help defeat Moldy Warts (Voldemort) when he is rising again with the help of Geae and Kronos?

I know a lot of people are doing this type of crossover. Also, this is my first story on Wattpad, so please read!

I don't own any characters. The PJO/HoO belong to Rick "Troll" Riordan and the HP characters belong to J.K Rowling

AHEM someone is ever to ask why I love Percy THIS IS WHY😂🔱
So are you Perce what did you call the Minotaur-oh right beef head So you ain't any better
LOL how would he get it confused with pig farts only he could do that
Impercyjackson10 Impercyjackson10 Nov 07, 2016
.everyone stared at me. "what" I asked them... LOVE IT sounds like me and my group of buds.. I forget stuff SO MUCH and there is never a time when im  not late :D
RCHuntressOfArtemis RCHuntressOfArtemis Aug 27, 2016
Hogwarts, when you think about it, is not a whole lot better than Pigfarts.  The name, I mean.
chupi91725 chupi91725 Oct 13, 2016
This isn't criticism but why do people never make a story about Harry and the gang go to CBH