Fairy Tail: The Guardian Fairy (SLOW UPDATE) (FOR NOW)

Fairy Tail: The Guardian Fairy (SLOW UPDATE) (FOR NOW)

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Shin-chan By Neko1290 Updated Apr 10, 2017

"I'm just a normal human." Said a girl in a cape, her hood covering her face, with her midnight purple ball mask seen clearly. Fairy Tail, the most popular and powerful guild in Fiore, full of powerful wizards. Unknown to some, but known to most, there is another Fairy, she has been here from the beginning. 
"Is it because of duties forced on me or for my own personal interest?" the one elegant enigma chuckles.

"I'm the Guardian of Fairy Tail, at least that's what they call me."

I do not own Fairytail only my OC. Credits to all the people who Pictures and videos I borrow. In this fanfiction, my friend NoDarknessNoLight will be helping me.

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CrimmsonQueen CrimmsonQueen Aug 30, 2017
This is funny because look at my user name 😂😂 though I spell it with 2 m's
Ominous__00 Ominous__00 Jul 29, 2017
Lucy is better than everyone she is the main female character obviously
Carnimops Carnimops Feb 20, 2016
She could b my twin cos she's a lot like me except 4 d bit that she don't smile from her heart
meowcat_kitty meowcat_kitty Apr 14, 2016
After reading all of this all I thought was she is a total badass
Gotta_Luv_Anime Gotta_Luv_Anime Jan 15, 2017
Finally someone who also doesn't like Lucy... Like most of the time she's the one that gets Team Natsu or other guild members in bad situations. For example... When Phantom Lord attacked they were aiming to get Lucy. 😒
_PockyWarlord_ _PockyWarlord_ Jun 14, 2016
She seems a bit too perfect, but I'm sure the story will be great either way.