My Little Annabelle »»» Harry Potter fanfic [Book 1]

My Little Annabelle »»» Harry Potter fanfic [Book 1]

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Annabelle Malfoy is going into her third year at Hogwarts. Annabelle has always felt the odd one in the family. Probably because she was adopted. She does not know who her real parents and family are when she asks her father Lucius about them he would scold her and tell her they were horrible people and to stop asking. She always knew she was adopted because while they had blonde hair and blue eyes she would have dark wavy brown hair and pale blue eyes and she's not as pale as her family.

She along with her friends are a part of the Gryffindor house. With the exception of a friend from Hufflepuff. Annabelle is smart, protective, caring, intelligent, mischievous, and sometimes a troublemaker.

It seems that this year is different, she'll find the truth about her birth parents and find out who her real family is.

Come along on Annabelles adventure through her third year at Hogwarts and see what happens.

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I never did understand why Harry couldn't see thestrals from the start, and after ol' Voldy killed the old muggle
Shouldn't it be conductor, as it's a train. It's not a car, so it shouldn't be driver
No, Fred and George are thing 1 and thing 2.
                              Crabbe and Goyl are dumb and dumber
literally a rubber spider ain’t a joke to me you better put those thinks away
163918ccw 163918ccw Jun 21, 2016
Liking this so much, I need to vote more. One problem with the voting system that I find very annoying, is the fact that you can only vote once
IcedCoffeeAddict IcedCoffeeAddict May 31, 2016
You are on of the first ppl to make a wand kind of like a smart phone which I think is cool and I remember a part in the deathly gallows part one in the movie where Bellatrix looks up the spell history of hermiones wand so I think it's kind of cool ☺️