For the love of a daughter (Jadison Fanfic)

For the love of a daughter (Jadison Fanfic)

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Jadison. A relationship that ended but became lies, tears and love. What happens when jack and Madison break up but a product of their once sparked love makes them change. For the best of both Madison decides not to tell him they have a child but instead hide her and make her seem like her sister. Will the fans find out? What will jack do? Did he really change for the best? Or did he not change at all. Find out in, FOR THE LOVE OF A DAUGHTER (Jadison fanfic) #wattys2016

( I made this a really long time ago so there will be lots of errors. Please don't get mad at me. I'm just too lazy to go back in a fix them.)

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chelsie0727 chelsie0727 Aug 10, 2015
I'm not trying to be rude and I know it's your story but a good doctor wouldn't tell some one their pregnant as bad news they would say congratulations
ilovegilinsky15 ilovegilinsky15 Jul 30, 2015
The little girls name in your cover is Danni she's my friends little sister
greybasaur greybasaur Jul 25, 2015
being pregnant is not a bad news, its God's blessing.. but whatever its your opinion anyways..