Claude x Modern Reader

Claude x Modern Reader

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Haru Kenway By haru3889 Updated Nov 06

Many things can happen right? Well... an anime character in your house? That's new for sure...

A little bit OOC I apologize 

I do not own Black butler 
I do not own Hetalia
And I do not own you

Hope you enjoy :)

warakurna warakurna Nov 06
I totally feel you! This happened to me for the first time recently and I was super angry about it! Good job standing up for yourself! I totally am with you there! I'll always love your stories by the way. (^ ^)
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Totally me, but the parent thing, yet house is still quiet when alone.
Tweerflee Tweerflee Apr 01
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That looks just like my bff Bailey's house exept for the red flowers, hers are yellow and the red on the house is wood
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