Wings (Destiel- Supernatural AU)

Wings (Destiel- Supernatural AU)

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robo By SnakeInAHat Updated Sep 04, 2016

In this AU, almost everything is the same as in the show.  EXCEPT Dean can see Castiel's wings. Yep.  That's the only major difference.

Castiel is an angel.  Dean is a human. Being an angel,  Castiel has wings. Nobody can see his wings,  save Dean.  Dean thinks that everybody can see Castiel's wings,  and Castiel doesn't know that Dean can see them. Does that mean anything?  

This fanfic has short chapters,  but I'll try to update frequently. 

This is my first fan-fic...  There might* be some adult situations/language.

Yea cmon they are black with a blue tint to them! 
                              tsk tsk tsk
I have a toy clown and i used to sit it next to me on my bed and talk to it when i was about four and my Mam says i called it Tom and said he liked to talk about when he could walk around 😦
Dean, honey, you're about as straight as Cas is loyal to his brothers and sisters
Kawaiishipper20 Kawaiishipper20 6 days ago
Not trying to be mean or anything but that sentence made me uncomfortable when it said brown instead of black
Merthur_Shipper Merthur_Shipper Dec 10, 2016
Uh huh sure. "No Homo". Dean, you're about as straight as I am. And I'm not straight hahaha
Sky-full-of-stxrs Sky-full-of-stxrs Dec 27, 2016
Well you'll be frick fracking one so you better start believing in 'em 
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