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Lovers Band (Nalu)✔️

Lovers Band (Nalu)✔️

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🌸⚡️SASUSAKU⚡️🌸 By nalu_lovers Completed

Lucy, Natsu ,Gray, Gajeel and Jellal are all best friends and band members who all love Eachother equally. 

But what happens when after their concert, their manager Gildart's, tells them that he's going to enroll them into a very strict, and hard school to get in. 

And on top of that, a girl with short white hair trying to get Natsu all to her self by getting Lucy into all these accidents. 

What will happen when Natsu finds out what's going on and will he finally realize that Lucy is not only a best friend to him, but she's more to him than meets the eye.

Started: May 10, 2015
Completed: August 16, 2015

maldogwe001 maldogwe001 Sep 30, 2016
My friends and I are like:
                              Friend: "Hey can you show me th-"
                              Me: "SHUT UP I DIDNT DO NOTHING!!!"
                              Friend: "WHY ARE YOU YELLING WHAT DID YOU DOOOOO?!?!" 
                              Me: "DONT LOOK AT MY HISTORY"
                              Friend: "WTF IS WRONG WITH-"
                              Other friend: "YOU GUYS SHUT UP!!!
                              And it continues.
noorahhamid noorahhamid Nov 08, 2016
So it might not have said it in the other sentence, but it said it here! See! I'm not crazy! (That's a lie. I'm so weird that my friends are scared of me XD)
EDENROSE22 EDENROSE22 Sep 18, 2016
Lucy: we r not a couple and will never be a couple. 
                              Me: uuummm have u not read the millions of NaLu FanFics on wattpad+ there's like a million NaLu moments in the anime
And I thought I was the only one who even mentioned it LOL I'm finally NOT a loner anymore.
Rivercatt Rivercatt Oct 02, 2016
Gimme a sec to channel my inner Happy...
                              HE LIIIIIIIKES HER~
WAIT IS THIS NATSU'S POV, OR LUCY'S POV (i think it's Lucy's lol)