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"you seem really mature. how old are you?"

"old enough."


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U don't let ur kid say that😕 i learned that word in 5th grade.😂
U should have atleast taught her some Morals.  Then that won't happen. What
I'm probably fantasising about land of stories at 12.😂😂
Y'all need to stfu u don't know wtf happened like shut up. Girls these days be getting raped so STFU
not judging but personally if the story isn't that she got raped, it's just wrong like do what normal kids do and live life as a child not an adult ... rant over and i wasn't judging just saying an opinion no offence to anyone 💗
avthentics avthentics Nov 30, 2016
hate the fact that women can't support women, if she had aborted, your reaction would have been the same. 
                              even if this is fictional, same thing will go down in reality, sad how we can't even receive support or AT LEAST respect from our own type