Roommates (Sabriel College AU)

Roommates (Sabriel College AU)

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Sam By ConfuzzledSam Updated Jul 09

Sam Winchester begins his first year at Stanford, studying to be a lawyer. It's the first time he's been separated from his older brother, Dean, for more than a week or two.

Enter Gabriel Novak, Sam's new roommate. He's the class trouble maker, with an apparent lack of care for grades and his future. When Sam meets him, sparks fly, and he knows he's in for a wild ride.

(As per regular, all rights of the characters belong to Supernatural and the CW)

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MishaVocaDu MishaVocaDu Sep 12
I'm as tall as him this makes me uncomfortable I am always making fun of him being short but he's as tall as me? I'm
briana915 briana915 Sep 19
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CyberCat17 CyberCat17 Oct 19
Sammy walks in to find Gabe lying on his side in the bed closest to the door in a rather flirtatious pose. Gabe looks Sam up and down once, nodding in approval. "Well helloo there Moosey!"
                              Plz don't hate this scenario just randomly came to mind. 😇