The Mafia's COMPLETE

The Mafia's COMPLETE

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I moaned as I felt his boner on my ass, rubbing up and down

"You were sold to me, your parents gave you away in exchange for their freedom, you are now my personal whore, I'm glad you accept your role so well" he whispered against my neck, his lips, teeth and breath tickling me and I couldn't help the shiver that gently shook me, I craved that man

"Please..." I begged as his hands ran up my sides, barley touching my skin

"What do you want? Tell me" you couldn't mistake the command in his voice, even when it was this soft, this was a man that was used to get what he wanted at the moment he ordered for it

"You...please..." I shamelessly rubbed myself against him, pushing my slender body into his rigid muscles

"Just a little aphrodisiac and you are begging to be taken by a complete stranger, what a slut" he held my hips firmly in place, nibbling on the shell of my ear as he spoke

"No" I couldn't help the moan as he started sucking on my neck "I've seen you before...I've always....ah...

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TheGreatLittlePapers TheGreatLittlePapers Jun 08, 2017
jeezzz this went gay way too fast.... But hey, Im not complaining ;)
Smol_Milo Smol_Milo May 08, 2017
Wow only a sentence in and I'm already questioning life decisions
-otaku-girl- -otaku-girl- Jun 24, 2016
Your a bold human being
                              And me being your lovely goddess and all I shall give you a vote!
faymslkn faymslkn Nov 08, 2016
Wow, beggining like this, is I shallowed for. Good job, author-nim!
AiMila AiMila Oct 11, 2016
Wait what??? So we not gonna have steamy off the boat sexy time? Dang.....I got ready for this! I got all comfy in my bed to read sexy time!
kenya_mulani_ kenya_mulani_ May 18, 2016
Nigga u just threw me off i thought it was gonna be more smexy time😑😐