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Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Love Story)

Beauty is the Beast (Kakashi Love Story)

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Amaterasu!!!! By Amaterasu Completed

Those born with demon's blood in the Ookami Clan are destined for a sad and painful life; shunned by their clan. Hisayo is one such half-demon born into the clan. Akio, the only member of the clan that has accepted her for what she is, wishes to change the over two century old views that the clan has of those born of demon decent. Sixteen years after Akio has adopted Hisayo, they find themselves in the village of Konoha where Akio hopes to form the kind of bonds needed. There is one tiny problem though...Hisayo's past has made her hesistant to form ties to anyone, fearful of what others would think if they knew what she was...

Will she be able to overcome such fears and find people who will accept her for what she is, or will she be hated and treated no differently than her old clan?

They could have stopped it all if they killed the normal twin too.
                              Because that twin technically still has the genes of the non clan member father. :/
_just_some_otaku _just_some_otaku Feb 27, 2016
I think the mom had a fling with a captain sannin.... I'm sorry OMG HAHAHAHHAAH
.... so their clan was basically made up of hardcore incest...?
inkheart11 inkheart11 May 07, 2015
woah :)) what a good start :)) author-chan is a good writer (thumbsup)
lucidrebel lucidrebel Apr 20, 2014
By far one of the most amazing starts I've ever read! The way you built it up and formed it so complexly was amazing. Bravo, I look forward to continuing! [:
Amaterasu Amaterasu May 03, 2013
@skye2086 *blinks* You hate me? How come? *confused*
                              @SoniaFancyface  Yeah ^^'' I know. Thanks for reading.
                              @ugottadealwithit Lol no, I didn't--but I do love Inuyasha! XD Thanks for reading!
                              @Cryptic_  Thanks for reading! :D