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Romeo & Juliet (Jeff the killer x reader)

Romeo & Juliet (Jeff the killer x reader)

62K Reads 2.2K Votes 24 Part Story
Fallen Angel By SuicidalFallenAngel Completed

You were just a normal girl with a normal life until one day you were bitten by a hideous beast. Your life becomes miserable, so you decided to run away, but little did you know that you would come across an insane family. You also grow fond of an insane smiling killer.
(The first few chapters are about you, you meet all the other creepypastas in chapter 6)

*Reads Chapter*.....*Reads Title of book*......BOI GO TO FREAKIN SLEEP
I was reading, then I ran into the fridge. 😭 Love the story so far tho.
I was listening to King for a day by PTV and this was perfect
It's funny cuz if Chris asked me out i'd be like, "Ya um sorry... your like my best friend and stuff but like I can't date yoouu... um ya i'm sorry i'm like super gay like... SUPER gay"
EeveeJenn EeveeJenn Jun 28
Running through the parking lot chased me and ya wouldn't stop! Tag! Youre it! Tag! Tag! Youre it! Grabbed my hand pushed me down! Took the words right out my mouth! Tag! Your it! Tag! Tag! You're it!
ok....i can tell she is the best fangirl. her name might as well just be Kawaii~chan