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voldermorts grandson percy jackson the broken hero

voldermorts grandson percy jackson the broken hero

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bubblegumblue22 By bubblegumblue22 Updated May 19, 2016

*percy's p.o.v*

I drove my sword through gaeas heart and used the water to make sure she never waken by sending her in to the upper atmosphere where there is no earth for her to controll. But even though i had defeated gaea I was not without mu own injuries i had lost my right arm up to my shoulder and my left leg up to my knee was about to drop off, my body was also littered with deep gashes but i didnt notice them at all, all i could see was my friends and family lying dead piper and Jason were lying next to each other piper had two arrows in her chest and Jason had a spear going through his heart, Hazel and frank were burned to death by the hydra, Leo's neck was broken from being hit by a giant clypso's head practically decapitated, nico had died from inturnal injuries because he ovrr used his power, thalia was next to him with a datal injury to her stomach. What cause my mind to finalky break was the site of my wise girl just lying there with a sword in her chest with lifeless ey...

I'm not trying to offend you I'm just trying to help you fix your spelling mistakes
Gaea's** control** my** I** didn't** Calypso's** internal** over** fatal** finally** sight**  consume**
sagariolily sagariolily Mar 29, 2016
I know this is the wrong time but that reminds me of full metal alchemists
HadesParade5437 HadesParade5437 Jul 10, 2016
is that a picture of Sasuke on the cover bc it really looks like it?
Demon_ruler Demon_ruler Apr 11, 2016
You killed Annabeth, the last book I was reading killed Percy off and now Annabeth?!?!?!?! I think I'm going to cry :'-(
how is percy using his sword if he is right handed[lost hand]