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Pen Your Pride
StormClan [A Warrior Cat Roleplay]

StormClan [A Warrior Cat Roleplay]

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M A N I A C By liontail11 Updated Jun 11, 2017

---only open to current members---
---all new forms will be ignored---
---Lion will not participate at all---
---if something should need adding (excluding lists/allegiances) please request---
---reporting bullies is the only thing I will take care of---

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kikicat135 kikicat135 Nov 17, 2016
                              Age-18 moons
                              Crush-nobody at the moment 
                              Personally-Fierce,loyal, Loves battle,would die to protect her clan
                              Description-Black she-cat with white tail tip and ear tips and blue eyes
- - Nov 20, 2016
Ink rain
                              19 moons
                              She cat
                              Night jet @imogendraws 
                              Fierce  loving proud
                              Beautiful black long pelt with white feet, blue eyes with orange around the pupils, small, strong
liontail11 liontail11 Sep 18, 2016
@peppermintpup @robinstar46
                              I give you guys permission to yell at people who don't use the medicine cat system above when their cat comes to you. XD (more of just tell them to look at this really). You guys might want to look over it a few times, so it'll be easiest on you.
imogendraws imogendraws Nov 20, 2016
                              Rank: Warrior 
                              Age: 19 moons 
                              Gender: Tom 
                              Crush: OPEN 
                              Mate: None 
                              Siblings: Gypsypaw (she-cat, 12 moons) 
                              Personality: Loyal, cunning, protective, cautious, loving 
                              Description: Jet black tom with emerald green eyes, a tinge of white on his left ear
robinstar46 robinstar46 Sep 17, 2016
Oh sorry @liontail11 I didn't even think when I wrote that... But I think it's awesome you like russetfur too
theAlpaca_Chino theAlpaca_Chino Oct 17, 2016
Ok then he never nows what to say to people who are going through a bad time he always says the wrong thing and his crush is Echolight