Pirate Story Collection (EDITING)

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Morgan Mabry By QueenMorgan Updated 3 years ago
This includes two of my pirate stories, although they don't have anything to do with each other. This is just me being weird and wanting less space taken up on my stories. There will be breaks between each story so you'll know when a new story starts.
Not too shabby, if I may say so myself. ;) 
                                    I propose a trade. I read your pirate story, and you read mine? 
We be back for you someday Miss Violet. Ya better watch out!
I am unbelievably obsessed with this. I can't stop reading it! :D
This sounds like pirates of the Caribbean to me. The first movie and all, from what i've read. I thought it was a fan fiction 
I love pirate stories!!! if violet gonna be like a badass, pirate or something??? ooh this is goood!!!
I like it alot! although did you get some of your ideas from pirates of the Caribbean :P parts sounded familiar  :)