Fairy Tail X Girl!Reader (ADVENTURE STORY)

Fairy Tail X Girl!Reader (ADVENTURE STORY)

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✫ᴘᴀɴ✫ By oh-man Updated Nov 27, 2017

Disclaimer: I have no right to own the anime/manga Fairy Tail. FT belongs to the wonderful Hiro Mashima. All other created places belong to me. You, of course, also do not belong to me.
Here is a Fairy Tail fandom where you, the reader is included in the adventures of Fairy Tail.

How does this story start? Well, let me tell you. In the beginning, you are just a small child who had to build the tower of heaven. From there, you encounter a dragon, which is known to be rare. The dragon decides to take you in and teach you dragonslayer Magic. But not just that. She teaches you Elemental Dragonslayer Magic, the most powerful Dragonslayer Magic of them all. One day, she disappears, leaving a necklace for you as one last final gift. 

That is only the beginning. You join Fairy Tail, get a fairy stamp, obtain a strange egg. 

The hardest battle there is in this story is for you to defeat yourself, a copy of you, more evil than you think she can be. Also, you must help defend Fairy Tail, or all will be lost.
Note: This is a girl fandom. This story was created about three years ago.
Read if you are interested.

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                              WHY AM I YELLING XD
tomomom tomomom Jul 07, 2017
And our Dragon Mother saves the story by allowing us to choose our hair color.
celestia_waterson celestia_waterson Oct 22, 2017
Every time i'm trading a xreader fanfic i always have a character her names: luna dragneel wand she has pink hair so i'm like 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Well that's good I hate the color pink ( sorry if I offended anyone )
Cometsky Cometsky Jul 17, 2017
I was hoping Natsu would be a love interest but I guess he can't...
AuroraYuuki AuroraYuuki Jul 17
Actually i kinda find it funny, my hair is a pastel Pink similar to Natsu's hair. So really the only DNA difference is that i have Amber eyes (im meanin my oc, i usually use first-person pronouns)