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That Butt Naked Godly Being With A Lovely Six Pack.

That Butt Naked Godly Being With A Lovely Six Pack.

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Jaimi By Silent_Innocence Completed

After the mother of Corinne (Corey) Tyson, falls victim of a fatal wolf attack, Corey's father becomes extremely paranoid  when Corey is out wandering the woods after the sun sets. With her father's extremely vocalized hatred of the wolves that wander the darken woods, Corey feels ashamed that she is fascinated by a wolf that visits her on a nightly basis. After a few visits, Corey comes to adore this blue eyed, brown wolf, and comes to love the fact that with his company just outside her bedroom window, she is brought a odd sense of security and comfort.On one of Corey's late afternoon walks through the woods, Corey is saved by her blue eyed, brown wolf, and after a serious wound to his side, in his place lies a butt naked godly being with a lovely six pack. Fighting overwhelming confusion, the first thing Corey notices, besides the nakedness, is the fact that his bright blue eyes are exactly the same as her wolfs.

mai_angela mai_angela Jul 13
Wait, aren't her parents mates? Or like the guy in this book is the only wolf and like corinne is human? Cuz if her parents are mates then how tf is her dad not slowly dying?
Potatohead_101 Potatohead_101 6 days ago
rr and I still find this title funny and the fact that "Innocence" is part of her username
Deea130703 Deea130703 Apr 20
Seriously?! The character is like 17 and sweetens coffee up to the point where it's not coffee anymore. I'm 13 and I do bitter latte.
This is coool usually they don't do a previously 😨😨😑😫😁
I don't have so much conversation with my parents in a whole day... let alone in the morning... they are happy when i mumble a 'good' before the usual 'morning'-greeting
AkiyahM AkiyahM Jul 05
Is it me or does anyone not notice she said she slammed the glass down?
                              No? Just me