Beneath the Fountain

Beneath the Fountain

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Sage is what her mother calls a dreamer:  she believes in magic,  true love, and happy endings. Unfortunately for Sage, her mother is determined to crush her dreams. 

Sage's father died suddenly six months prior to her 18th birthday. Her family struggling financially, her Mother surprises Sage with a ball to celebrate her birthday. But she also receives the unwanted present of a courtship to a very rich and vain man. Sage becomes upset because she thought she'd marry a man she loves. The problem is: she could never love a man as horrid as her betrothed. 

Just when Sage is about to give up all hope, a hidden world reveals itself to her. It offers her a temporary escape from the her life, and she meets a man who feels just as trapped as she is. As she learns more about him and his fate, she discovers that her life has always been full of secrets and magic, and in the end, she might just save herself.

  • ball
  • courtships
  • dancing
  • identity
  • lies
  • love
  • magic
  • magical
  • memory
  • moonlight
  • mystery
  • romance
  • sage
  • secrets
  • sorcery
LookingStunning LookingStunning Mar 30, 2017
The story description made it sound like a 12 dancing princesses retelling. I dont know if it is but I am indeed intrigued
SAK1530 SAK1530 Aug 30, 2017
Sage's father sounds like a wonderful man. Your descriptions are wonderful!
angie_tf angie_tf Feb 16, 2016
I love the book already, the way she loves to look at the sunrise and the memories of her father and just the beginning almost made me cry
jadedragonfly101 jadedragonfly101 Jan 20, 2017
Oh my stars, this is SO AMAZING. I love how the description sounds, and I can't wait to read this entire thing! I do love it especially because my first name is Sage, too!!!! This is so amazing, you should publish it.
DeejMiranda DeejMiranda Sep 21, 2015
This scene might be a little long for an opening chapter. Maybe just tighten it up in a few places, and you should split some of the longer paragraphs. Sometimes the narrative can get bogged down in big walls of text. Other than that, I thought it was a great chapter! :)
Pennywithaney Pennywithaney Aug 13, 2015
I have this odd feeling that Sage isn't going to like how her mother has "everything under control". Anyway, great chapter! The imagery was beautiful and I am definitely intrigued.