Trying To Dominate The Dominant [BDSM]

Trying To Dominate The Dominant [BDSM]

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Brooke is a hardheaded, blunt, champion boxer who hasn't lost a fight and doesn't take no for an answer. when her Bestfriend Evanley brings her to a BDSM club things end turning out wrong. she meets  billionaire club owner who's looking for a new sub. will she submit to him? or will he give up everything to submit to her?

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EXCERPT below!!!

I smooth my hands over my dress. He's wearing a black suit with a black tie. He looks... nice... or whatever. Him eye-fucking me is really starting to get under my skin.

I grab my backpack that's at the bottom of the stage, I don't plan in staying in these clothes but I'll wear them until I can get a chance to change. I narrow my eyes and approach him in a cautious but bitter manor. He gets the picture because he plasters a triumph smirk on his face. That fucker. 

"What are you doing here leach" my words are like acid hopefully hinting that I don't want him to be here.

"I can't get a hello from my date? You look beautiful" his eyes roam up and down my body and I stiffen. The muscles in my stomach tighten and I swallow the lump in my throat. I agree I do look nice. I'm wearing a cream colored dress that's open in the back.  There's a thigh high split that's a little too far up for my liking but its fine. I put my hair up in a ponytail but it looks nice I guess. 

"So where are we doing this?" I question, ready to get this thing over with.

"Dinner sounds good to me, ready baby?" he stretches out his hand which I reluctantly take. He pulls me to him and snakes his hand around my back to clasp my waist.

"Your skin is so soft love" he purrs in my ear. 

"I'm not your baby I'm not your love or whatever other cute names you want to call me, and keep the touching to a minimal" he chuckles and leads me out side to a black Porsche that's waiting for him. So he's got money. I can see where the cockiness comes from.

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hibitches_Beyonce hibitches_Beyonce Dec 28, 2017
Why is she apoligizing i was hoping she would slap her and be like tgis is your fault like she couldnt explain in the car tf
sbehavior sbehavior Sep 07, 2017
And how she stood up for women rights and slavery yesss😫🖤
KyraStarholder KyraStarholder May 10, 2017
Take a whip or any of those shitty pain "toys" near me and we are over faster than a cheetah coated with graphite
NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Aug 21, 2017
Yo. Her phone numbers shouldn't be out there. And plus there not even the same area code. Like wtf?
__kNiGhTs__ __kNiGhTs__ Sep 08, 2017
I'd leave straight away but not before burning the thing down 😂🤢
pacifyymee pacifyymee Feb 04
I feel like I could handle some of the pain and stuff, and I think I would like being dominated but ion like following directions sooo😂😂😂