Savior needs saving (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

Savior needs saving (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

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kayla is fine By bookspercabethnmore Updated Oct 08, 2016

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It's not fun. It's not the theme for a love story. It's just a monster. And when people say they want it for ATTENTION. Well, in short-
It sickens me. More than the sickness itself.

When Percy Jackson somehow was able to get cancer, despite his Godly genes, the rest of the demigods are in shock. Especially Annabeth, who needs her Seaweed Brain. This was a battle fiercer than the rest. And the worst of it, Percy's monster isn't even visible. 

Dedicated to my little warrior, Alexis. I thought you were gone, but somehow you thickened that piece of thread. :) 

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cover credits to my amazing sister @-starboyy

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Wisegirl288 Wisegirl288 Mar 22, 2017
I lost my aunt to cancer when I was five and my grandma to cancer when I was seven. Cancer is a real thing, and good for you to say that it shouldn't be made into a love drama.
EmieRosie EmieRosie Dec 12, 2017
My aunt was sick for most of my life with brain cancer and breast cancer. She passed away last year. Cancer is a really bad disease and shouldn't be used to make a love story.
murphy26 murphy26 Jun 27, 2016
Wow I'm so stupid I thought this was a typo and either spelled ll or there where 2 i's
TheRedMagpie TheRedMagpie Jan 15, 2016
I'm lucky enough to not know anyone with cancer but recently I have been reading a lot of these fanfics and it has changed the way I think. If I met someone with cancer I would literally go down on my knees and worship them.
demigodgrounder demigodgrounder May 26, 2015
in loving memory of my uncle, other uncle, aut, cousin, best friend, and grandmother. they will never be replaced in my heart. i loved them all as much as one person possibly could. i miss them so much.