The Boys

The Boys

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skittlez93 By skittlez93 Completed

There's a group of boys at dog wood high, they are mean, juvenile delinquents, always in trouble, always fighting,  always drunk,  always high, always bad. 

There's also a girl at dog wood high, she's always nice, always smart, always listening,  she never gets in trouble, never talks back, yet she's bullied by most of the school. 

The boys don't usually associate with anybody but when they see a young helpless girl being beaten and worse, well they have to step, with no other choice they take her under their wing and she changes them in ways they never thought possible.

That's what happened to my best friend and she jumped off a water tower I still miss her 
PLEASE TOMMY... Please...
                              I just made my self cry again, why do I do this to myself like for real
Hate mail? To me it sounds like you have haters and admirers I'd call that fan mail.
kgspring kgspring Nov 06
Being smart is good just think of it you will be their boss in the future ... the power you will have in the future!
"I hated school with a passion and welcomed summer like a mother did her newborn child" WoW! That was a great comparison!
lilfly00 lilfly00 Aug 25
I'd Smack the principal and the teachers like bitch your supposed to help me