In the Mind of a Teenager

In the Mind of a Teenager

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Isabelle❤️ By Akeo51 Updated 3 days ago

This is just a small funny book about how teenagers think, jokes, an stuff  like that. 

Cover by @BerryBlades

I do not take credit for some parts in this book. Some I came up with and some I saw somewhere or heard from someone. 

Hope you enjoy!

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PencilScratch PencilScratch Jun 23, 2016
*kid reads this*
                              Kid: mom what does this mean!?
                              Mom: the book is lying...
The_Furi_Reaper The_Furi_Reaper Jun 27, 2016
I can't say that because the easter bunny is "just a rabbit", santa claus is "just a person" and tooth fairy "is a game character".
                              That's how I met them
gricho64 gricho64 Jan 23, 2016
If you do something like a boss... You usually just pay someone else to do it lmao
- - Jan 03, 2016
And then I run back to apologise like a chicken because my family strict AF
travelgirlannie travelgirlannie Jun 08, 2015
Well, tbh I didn't even REMEBER u put this in here, I saw this in another book. So ya
erinsnowwhite erinsnowwhite May 12, 2015
@Akeo51 you HAVE to watch him! He is like, the BOSSIEST BOSS IN THE UNIVERSE OF BOSSES (that's what he says) :)