Last Chance l.s. (BDSM)

Last Chance l.s. (BDSM)

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*My first every Larry story*
*This will not be like 50 Shades*

Harry Styles is a 25 year old dominant who can't keep a sub because they say that he is too strict and no sub wants to be with him. He is now on his last sub who can make or break his dom status.
That sub is Louis Tomlinson a 19 year old who cannot keep a dom because of his sassy behavior and no one can keep him in line. Harry styles is his last hope to stay a submissive.
Will they be able to stay together or will the whole relationship fall apart? Find out!

(All art is by Karukara and not mine, please support the artist)

  • bdsm
  • direction
  • harry
  • horan
  • larry
  • liam
  • louis
  • niall
  • one
  • payne
  • styles
  • stylinson
  • tomlinson
Saraht78 Saraht78 Oct 11, 2017
Auto correction : "You will be riding me love" 
                              U think I'm a perv well u are one too coincidence ?! I think not :)
LayKaysUniverse LayKaysUniverse Jun 28, 2017
As soon as he said ima ware all black Daniel Howell came into my mind😂😂😂
vkooksbedatALLtimes vkooksbedatALLtimes Jun 06, 2017
This acc hurts because of jay and all so I dont want her to be mean here 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😢😭
TaylorTomlinson123 TaylorTomlinson123 Aug 23, 2017
Omg I feel like a giant. You guys are all at least 5'7 and I'm over here Like I'm actually 5'9....
I’m 5’ 7.5” n my girlfriend who yes, is older than me, is 4’ 11”
joliyah1227 joliyah1227 Aug 12, 2017
Why every Larry fanfic I read Jay is a bitch? I know it not real, but can't you make her kind?