Revenge of the Dead

Revenge of the Dead

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I can feel them getting closer. Their screeches haunting me at night, telling me to drop dead. 

I've never listened to them before. But it's different now. 

You can't save some people, but I'll fight to the death to save humanity. 

What's my life against millions? 


Now just a mere scatter of survivors, the group flee abroad- in hope of finding refuge and answers.

 But all is not as it seems. 

For danger hides in pure daylight.

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lindayassine- lindayassine- Feb 13, 2016
I was wondering about the last line "they are living", how even? :o I like the fact that this is short because it doesn't tell us much but makes us want to go on and read more to find out what is actually going to happen.
MrsScarsella MrsScarsella Jan 23, 2016
Wow.  That was short.  It was very interesting.  I like the mystery and your writing style thus far.  Have you ever watched the show izombie on Netflix.  If not, you should.  It's the first thing that popped into my head when I was reading this.
LittleMinx94 LittleMinx94 Jan 20, 2016
I've never read a zombie book before but I think this will be interesting! It was very short but very intriguing at the same time. Great job with the mystery aspect and reeling the reader in! :)
JeffsAngel JeffsAngel Jan 10, 2016
Hell yeah!  You scare the hell out of me but I can't stop reading!
- - Jan 08, 2016
Ooh, I love the imagery you're putting up here. It's short but it was well-written and chilling me! Good start!
Nikki_crystal Nikki_crystal Dec 25, 2015
It was a short and impressive introduction~ Good to lure readers in c: