My Wish Upon A Star

My Wish Upon A Star

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❝ When You Wish Upon A Star,
          Anything Your Heart Desires 
 Will Come To You.. ❞

❝ I Dare You ❞ He Said Coming Closer.

❝ You'll Lose The Dare For Sure ❞ She Said Looking Straight In His Eyes, Competition Evident In Her Eyes.

❝ Let's See Who Wins And Who Loses ❞ He Smirked.

❝Agreed Mr.Mallik❞ 

❝Agreed Miss Patel ❞


We Never Really Learn From The First Mistake Or The Second Or Third,
It Hits Us When We're Give One Last Chance.

She Was Like The Sun And He Was Like The Moon. Both Opposite But Important For Each Other.
Common In Them Was Only Two Things 'Stubbornness' and 'Competitive'.

Kyra Who Was So Kind And Loving To Everyone Was The Opposite To Yuvaan. And Yuvaan,Well He Didn't Bother Much About Her But Still Had Curiosity That How Can Any Girl Not Be Fond Of Him. He Found Her Quite Different. She Was Like An Competition To Him Which He Wanted To Win.

How Was He Supposed To Win When She Couldn't Even Bear His Existence?
She Cursed The Day He Was Born.

Can This Deadly Combination Ever Be Able To Be One? 
As Sodium And Chlorine Are Too Dangerous As Individuals So Were Yuvaan And Kyra. But When It Becomes Sodium Chloride It's So Not Dangerous Will It Be Same With Yuvaan And Kyra?

Will This Combination Of Sodium & Chlorine Be Able To Become Sodium Chloride?

Find Out For Yourself..

A Journey Filled With Emotions,Humor,Romance,Secrets, Misunderstandings and Drama.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 can't ever escape the chemistry
Parizaade Parizaade Apr 21
Nice one!!I like Valia but let's see what is Pari 's character
Can't help girl. 
                              The world has turned so evil that every page you turn in the newspaper or see a channel, all it has is crime.
yagappar yagappar Jan 07, 2016
Interesting he is not bad which is common so it is different
yagappar yagappar Jan 07, 2016
Interesting he is not bad which is common so it is different
- - Oct 12, 2015
Yay. I liked your cast vey much.  Looking forward to read on.