seven seconds // park jinyoung

seven seconds // park jinyoung

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"Well, it was your fault in the first place. You stared at him for more than 7 seconds."

"How should I know that staring at Junior's picture would literally stake my life on the line?!"

Lee Kiara.

Soon to be college student in New York until she stared at Got7 Jr.'s picture for 7 seconds.

Now, she wakes up seeing JYP in her room claiming that he's a guardian sent by the moon to prevent her from dying.

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artxkpop artxkpop Nov 17
First thing I thought of booming system uh uh ty track ty track.
lol i die everytime i stare at taehyung's picture , wuts dis
Jesus I'm so dead even chuck Norris or harambe could beat me
- - Oct 09
wait, so youre telling me that if i stare at jinyoungs face for more than seven seconds, which is a treat in itself, jyp will appear beside me? well, i know what im going to do for the next seven seconds!
-uljima -uljima Nov 10
i stare at him like 25/8 goodbye world send my love to my sunshine yeongjae
-uljima -uljima Nov 10
ok so guardian is more attractive than living suck man tht surround this planet earth gash✖✖