Alien + Monster= War or Love(VKook fanfic)

Alien + Monster= War or Love(VKook fanfic)

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This is about a fun and handsome Alien named Kim Taehyung/V, and a snob but kind and cute Kookie monster named Jeon Jungkook.

What will happen if this two meet will it result to a war or love?? Will they become enemies or lovers?? Will they hate or love each other??Let's see! :)

Please support my story. Its my first!!:) Kamsa!!

    No jimin☝🏻V must with jungkook!! Sorry but you must let V go😭😭
    I got Green Minded here😂 I thought something is happening when Jimin says "Ahh Tae faster" 😂😂😂😎😎😎
    thats nice but dont you dare make the ship sink, I still love you tho~😘
    When u lowkey ship vmin in vkook fanfic 😂....but I still love vkook tho
    Maddie020202 Maddie020202 Nov 19, 2016
    I was like "okay staring off with some sexual activity.....nevermind"
    I saw 12 comments for this part and I was confused as to why it would have 12 comments. I didn't even realize until I read the comments. My mind is just to pure haha, that not true I'm just oblivious.