A Kind Of Bravery: A Mulan Retelling [1st Draft]

A Kind Of Bravery: A Mulan Retelling [1st Draft]

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Sarah Penney By Pennywithaney Completed

Harriet has always been the type of girl who would rather ride horses than stitch embroidery, practice her sword-fighting than practice her curtsies, and she'd rather dream about being the first female knight in all of history instead of a docile wife on some nobleman's arm.

When a war between the allies of Ecrivenia and the kingdom of Carigan starts to brew, Harriet begins to wonder if it might just be her chance to become the knight she's always wished to be.

Taking a chance, Harriet enlists in the King's Army, disguising herself as the red-headed, slight-figured, and quick-witted boy, Harry. However, when she is put under the charge of the handsome and strict King of Marenta, Leopold, she realizes her troubles are just beginning. 

Not only will she have to keep the other men from noticing she is a woman, but she will also have to put up with the scrutiny of King Leopold, the best friend of her brother-in-law. Throw in grueling training sessions, whispers of treason, and the enemy's secret weapon, Harriet suddenly finds herself thrust into the reality of being a knight in a war that might not be able to be won.


This is a sister novel to the first draft of Glass Slippers, NOT the rewrite. 

The gorgeous cover is made by the amazing @solidarity_! Make sure to check her work out if you get the chance!

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yellowlemon123 yellowlemon123 Apr 26, 2017
I love this book. I think that the first draft is perfect but it is up to you. I hope this story continues on. It is wonderful.
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Apr 01, 2017
I'm so conflicted as to whether I should read this or wait for the new one. Today's the first of April. Any chance the new version will come soon?
Blueberry2177 Blueberry2177 Apr 21, 2017
Hey Sarah
                              Do you know when will the new draft public?
                              I mean, I really like this story and I am pretty far away by now with it. But I also feel sad because I want to read the better version of it. 
                              Can you tell us more details about the changes?
LovelyMiserable LovelyMiserable Dec 14, 2017
I'm excited to start this!!!!! ❤❤❤
                              And I like Tom Hiddleton as one of your cast XD
JL_Otaku JL_Otaku Apr 03, 2016
And when will said rewrite happen? As of this moment, I don't see a rewrite in the works on your page.
_brebabe_ _brebabe_ May 06, 2016
If we haven't read either glass slippers wud this book make sense