One Direction help

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Kelli Knobloch By KelliKnobloch Updated a year ago
What if you just get out of the hospital and get the chance to meet your favorite band One Direction?
    Well then meet Marissa Gray she is 18 now and it's been 8 years since she's truly been out of the hospital for good she hopes.  She did not expect to meet her favorite boy band and go with them on tour, but she holds a secret that she doesn't want the guys to know about.  
    Every night she has trouble going to sleep remembering what happened all those years ago, but the boys don't notice which is what she want's.  She falls head over heels for one of the guys, but she never can truly trust people she loved because of what happened.  Get ready for drama, heart breaks, and secrets being told and very big surprises that will keep you reading.
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