Yes, Sir.

Yes, Sir.

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Celina By heyitscelina Updated Aug 12, 2015

"You said you would do anything I said, so jump."
I jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist, holding onto his shoulders for support.
"I'm going to make love to you, would you like that Juliet?"
I couldn't help but moan at the hoarseness of his voice.

New in town, Juliet thought finding a job would be hard but when she bumps into Thomas she's quickly thrown into a new environment, she becomes the new secretary of a brute of a boss.

This office is full of new relationships. Will she survive in this new environment? Who will she fall for the gentleman or the brute?

MarieE82 MarieE82 Aug 08
Mr. Cogswell is supposed to fire Mr. Jetson last time I checked.
BeanieBoy BeanieBoy Jul 13
To my mom. Everyone apparently. She wouldn't even give me a ride even if she didn't have people over. So stop complaining
I got stuck in an elevator once with 12 people in it and had an anxiety attack I started crying and shaking and I had no idea why😬
NotYourNerd NotYourNerd Jan 30
"And you calm the hell down I ain't one of your dogs you treat like that"
jungshooked_ jungshooked_ Dec 14, 2016
When you put it that way... i might have a fear on elevators><
you know what, it's wattpad, I'm just going to ignore how this happened and let it sliide.. not thinking too hard about ittttt.. lalala...