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Reckless Rescue - a barren planet romance (Complete)

Reckless Rescue - a barren planet romance (Complete)

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Rinelle Grey By RinelleGrey Completed

He crash landed on her planet. Can they survive the winter together without falling in love? 

Stranded on the dying planet of Zerris, Marlee longs for the one thing she can't have...a family. Due to the noxious gas covering the planet, she can't conceive a child, and the Council, determined to repopulate the planet, have ended her third-and most precious-relationship. They insist she pick a new mate and try again, but she's sworn off love and the possibility of ever having a real family. 

When a ship from the thriving planet of Urslat crashes on Zerris, Marlee rescues the ship's daring captain, Tyris. His ship is grounded, winter is setting in, and he won't survive without help. She offers him a deal...he can live with her if he pretends to be her mate so the Council will leave her alone. 

Tyris agrees and a hungry desire sparks between them as they battle the harsh winter and primitive conditions. Their attraction grows, and soon, keeping their distance becomes impossible, even more challenging than the snow, the Council, and, for Marlee, the risks of a real relationship. 

Will she risk her heart one last time for a chance at her dream? Or will Tyris be her undoing?

This story is now complete.

- - Oct 24, 2016
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papaandmom papaandmom Sep 30, 2016
Hi author. I am sorry to call you that, but i do not know your name. I just saw your profile picture,  and it looks familiar. I feel as if I've read about you before.  I dont know. Maybe I am crazy. I have been told that before. Anyway good book so far thanks!😊
KacieAckley KacieAckley Sep 06, 2016
He's married something tells me this won't be good since he's falling in love with another girl
belleross45 belleross45 Nov 18, 2016
I'm falling i love with this story already! Good job!! 😍😱
Saloua5 Saloua5 Aug 22, 2016
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ZeeSterr ZeeSterr Aug 26, 2016
Hey guys! I wrote a short romantically sad story that I believe many people can relate to it. I would love it if you could check it out! It's called The Fallen Rose. Read it and comment! :D