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Nicola Marsh By NicolaMarshAuthor Updated Jun 28, 2015

Good girls finish last? Screw that. 

Being a small town girl isn’t so bad. Unless Mom’s the town joke and I’ve spent my entire life shying away from her flamboyance. College in Las Vegas should be so much cooler. But it’s not. Bad things happen. Real bad. 
So when my brother Reid offers me an all-expenses paid vacation to Australia for a month, I am so there. Discounting the deadly snakes on the outback cattle station, I should be safe. 
Until I meet Jack. 

Jack defines bad boy and then some. He’s big, buffed, bronzed, and hotter than any guy I’ve ever met. His sexy Aussie accent makes me melt. And the guy can cook. 
But he’s my brother’s new bestie and he lives on the other side of the world. There’s no future for us. 
Is there?

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darkpearlsofwisdom darkpearlsofwisdom Jun 12, 2017
Damnit I already feel this book hooking me and I can see myself not sleeping for weeks on end 'till i finish the whole series! I am so gonna hate myself for the next few days...
darkpearlsofwisdom darkpearlsofwisdom Jun 12, 2017
Lol I already feel identified and its just like the third paragraph
lettingitbe lettingitbe Apr 03, 2016
I hate how a girl being nice automatically means she was to have sëx like wtf can we move past this assumption already
crooney crooney Oct 25, 2016
Going into a bedroom at a party doesn't meam sex and any distgusting man who just assumes they have that righy deserves to be kicked in the balls!!
Nancydrewdancer Nancydrewdancer Mar 16, 2016
I mean you did just hit him...on purpose, I might be a little upset too
itsjustthebegining itsjustthebegining Jun 13, 2016
To finally find a book that references Aussies and the BnS balls us country kids go to.. #bliss haha