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Frosted Arrows (Rise of the Guardians;Jack Frost Fanfiction)

Frosted Arrows (Rise of the Guardians;Jack Frost Fanfiction)

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jessyca anne By gracefulturtle Updated Aug 30, 2015


"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control." -Anonymous


Audri Summers has spent the past 301 years as Cupid. Her birthday is on Valentine's Day, the day she turns 316. You may think that Audri enjoys living for over three centuries, but she really doesn't. She was alone, not seen by any human ever since the day she woke up in a huge, burnt house. The Man in the Moon brought her back to life and she can't help but wonder why. What did she ever do?

Jack Frost has been a Guardian for 11 months. So far, he's doing pretty well as the Guardian of Fun. Jack Frost has never experienced love, or at least he doesn't remember if he did. Jack can't remember if he had a crush, or if he had a girlfriend, but he puts this aside as he continues being a fun, mischievous boy.

On one fateful day, the moon chooses Audri to be the next Guardian. Audri is confused why the moon would pick her to protect children. When she meets the Guardians, she feels some sort of connection with Jack Frost. Later on, she has these weird, but amazing feelings towards Jack. Will he love her in return?

Take a look inside of Frosted Arrows to see what happens.....



Cnicorbarakat Cnicorbarakat Jul 23, 2016
Well the beginning I noticed a lot. Idk but either way awesome job and please come back to finish it!
Cnicorbarakat Cnicorbarakat Jul 23, 2016
Love the story the creativity is awesome and so disappointed that it didn't get finished however I watched the movie and like almost word for word matched yours. Are you sure you've never seen it?
xXwhatwillbewillbeXx xXwhatwillbewillbeXx May 07, 2015
Have you watched the movie yet? Lol So many feels! Jack Frost is amazing!
aliceg2109 aliceg2109 Mar 08, 2015
Reminds me of the Paramore song! Anyone else? No? Just me? Okay :(
Caitlyn541 Caitlyn541 Mar 01, 2015
@nebulilac but what I'd that dudes dead than cab we have him
WildRose13474 WildRose13474 Nov 04, 2014
I always imagend the sequel of Rise of the Guardians would be when Jack finds out his sister is still alive and goes to seek her