Stalked by the Billionaire

Stalked by the Billionaire

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Elaine V. Jamore By ElaineJamore Completed

Emerson Triumph is a man to die for, the perfect adonis as what the newspapers say. From his dark brown hair, to his oh so brown eyes, to his lips, to his perfect and strong body to his intelligence, money and power. But he doesn't date, he's not the typical playboy you usually know about on the billionaires.

But when Emerson landed his eyes in one of the corner of the coffee shop, he was suddenly mesmerized by the beauty he's seeing. But after a few seconds, he frowns. 'why she's crying' 

That's the time when he came up and told Jason ''Jason, I want you to background check her,every single details.'' 


Love Guildings used to be friendly,carefree and can be the candidate of the world's happiest person but when all the problems came to her like a bomb thrown in her face, a part of her died. It's like she shut her humanity. 

What will happen if their supposed to be ''destiny'' will be dictated by Mr. Triumph himself ?


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I honestly cannot understand what you are trying to say I have not
OMG I have a BFF cousin but she lives in texas and I live in England 😔
thanks for  all of the effort  u have put  in writing this  book
I was about to skip this part😂😂 but know I wanna see where this goes !
jabb765 jabb765 Jun 30, 2017
I haven't had that expirence so u wouldn't know how it'd feel to lose it
MadamUmbridge MadamUmbridge Mar 22, 2017
 #Rr for (1..2...3) not sure but read this book many times.. ps: you're a great author 😍