Fame (Except Not) [GxG Fanfic]

Fame (Except Not) [GxG Fanfic]

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Tess By TessMackenzie Updated Jul 06, 2015

I meet someone famous.  And I lend her a dress.  She kisses me, and then things get really complicated.


So I’m trying celebrity fanfiction.  Kind of.  Just to try.  Except, I feel totally weird actually saying a real person’s name, and kind of using them without permission…  because that seems really bad, if they don’t know?  If that makes sense?  So anyways, I felt better making the famous person’s identity secret as part of the story, so that solves that, but which maybe means this isn’t fanfiction after all?

I don’t know!

But anyways, more just trying stuff to make myself write :)

Oh, although, actually…  the thing about how I don’t describe characters because reasons...?  This is like the celebrity version of that!  Ha!

And the title is because it’s a secret fling, so the “I” person never gets to be famous.  Basically.

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TakenbyChrist TakenbyChrist Apr 22, 2016
if it was rihanna i would have given her the dress without hesitation...my type of chiq.
TakenbyChrist TakenbyChrist Apr 22, 2016
wooooow...best way to begin a story...i was actually laughing so hard from the first page... there is a lot of humor in this chapter...mmwah i love it!!
nachtmusik nachtmusik Nov 06, 2016
When you put it like that...I'm not sure if this is base on a real life story or not 🤔 very interesting so far.
jihwangie jihwangie May 14, 2015
A very cute beginning and interesting, I must say. And, I'm happy to see you're back! Kinda missed your writing, haha, no really, I do. :)
VeronicaPena1 VeronicaPena1 May 13, 2015
I'm sure she wants it now, but waiting in the limo for that long of a time could be nerve wrecking...
VeronicaPena1 VeronicaPena1 May 13, 2015
A dress size and then get in... Lmao yeah it could happen...