She's Missing(KnB)

She's Missing(KnB)

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In Teiko, someone is the flower to the Generation of Miracles. They encountered her in all her beauty. They admired her not only for her beauty but for her uniqueness and quirk. She's like the red rose among white roses. 

But eventually, the flower will wilt away because of nature or be pluck away by somebody. The Miracles were disappointed to see the flower they got used to was gone. So they carried on with their lives, never seeing the flower again.

In high school, someone is the fire to the Generation of Miracles. They didn't know. She just so happened to appear in their life. But since she's fire, she has the capability to burn everything it touched. She also has this weird goal to burn their minds. 

〔It's hypocritical for me to say to not dwell in the past. I have the habit of doing that. But kicking the jokes away, it's pretty hypocritical, to say the least, since I'm still angry for what they did in the past. But they didn't know how much they hurt the people around them. And I'm just so mad at them at that time and had a goal to mess them up.〕

『Ah, yes. We had another manager back in Teiko. But 'till now, she's missing.』

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I just noticed that every sentence in this paragraph has the word 'car' in it -_-
officialheichou_ officialheichou_ May 08, 2016
call me liar, but i actually thought it was Tatsuya until his attitude came up (0-O)
officialheichou_ officialheichou_ May 08, 2016
                              *weirdass moment of silence* umm
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is it skittles? i think the giraffe commercial and jet lag's getting to you—//killed
officialheichou_ officialheichou_ May 08, 2016
dont worry, author chan
                              im sure youll get about 100+ comments becoz of me
                              be prepared.
BlueKnightMaiden BlueKnightMaiden Dec 12, 2015
I am rereading this, and I don't want to be rude, but I am confused. In later chapters, she seems to be recognized by Kuroko's. And I think Kagami. But he is understandable as she is Himuro's  cousin, they were bound to meet. But if the member of the GoM is't her, then why is she familiar?