(OOC)Cinderella Prince!Kaneki x reader [LEMON]

(OOC)Cinderella Prince!Kaneki x reader [LEMON]

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There is a girl with (h/c) and with a shining (e/c) orb. Name (y/n). She is a very beautiful and kind girl but there's one thing that make her very sad. Her stepmother and sisters always abused her. Even her stepmother is very rich but she treat her so bad. (y/n) doesn't care about it that much.

Time skip brought to you by Tsukiyama~hahaha

(y/n) pov~

Mmm~what a lovely morning. Well, I need to get ready for work. I quickly clean myself up and get dressed. I pick a (f/c) maid dress and change it. 

At the kitchen

Hmm...now I'm gonna make breakfast to them. I quickly grab some eggs,bacon and start cooking. After finished preparing,I need to take all the foods up to their room. 'Why is their room so far away from the kitchen! Once I trip, I'm gonna make a new one or else I'm going to get scolded again'. I thought.

Time Skip

*Sweeping the floor*...BANG! The door flies open))My sister run through the door Mum! Muuuum! I received a letter ! I-its from t-the PALACE!! She pant. Stepmother...

SweetTeay SweetTeay Aug 06
I fangirled when I meet a cute Honey-senpai that was on Mori-senpai's back at a con. They were soooo freaking cute!
uh, trashiyama thanks for the skip, but run along now. *kicks him half-way around the world*
Good_VibesNia Good_VibesNia 2 days ago
I forgot this was a Cinderella story at first I was like Bish whet
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Wtf am I doing here
                              Just five minutes ago I was crying over a pickle
                              This is my life
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Me: at least it's not hosted by tsukiyama
                              Tsukiyama: IM BACK BABY! 
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