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Black and White [Diabolik Lovers x Reader]

Black and White [Diabolik Lovers x Reader]

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Rin By RinRinna Updated Jul 28, 2016

Has anybody told Y/N that in a heartbeat, a second, a breath, that her world will completely change? The world she saw was full of colour, brightness, not a hint of black or white. After the horrifying tragedy that ocurred in her past,it turned her once bright world into a world full of black and white. She doesn't remember her past, nor remember her family-but she knew that she loved them. She meets the Sakamakis and Mukamis. Does her world turn darker or turn brighter after meeting them? Another question: What is she? Well actually, about that one, you need to figure that out yourself.

Annnnd thats how you can tell your probably high or your just an innocent soul
Okay, this actually sounds like when I get home, except I have two cats and one just meows for food 😅😭
I have that as a wallpaper and was going to use that for my story! 😂😂😂 deja vu
You should've said "I made my way to my homegroup room and sat down at my desk, followed by the tomato headed Sakamai, the a lighter grape headed Sakamaki, and a girl with pink eyes in noodle hair with curls at the bottom
tvishis tvishis Mar 20
AYATO!!!! 😍😍 and kanato!!!......and then...theres Yui...meh?
Depressed. Tired. Emotionless. Pained. Slowing dying each day of my worthless life.