BEAUTY & THE BEAST #VisualRetelling #Beauty&theBeast

BEAUTY & THE BEAST #VisualRetelling #Beauty&theBeast

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Through a series of unfortunate events, Antoine, his daughters Marthe, Marie and Beauty leave fashionable Paris for rural Avon, in the shadow of enchanted forêt de Fontainebleau.  News from Paris offers the family a glimmer of hope, until Antoine is face to face with Beast.  
      Will Beast spare Antoine's life? 
      Can the spell be broken?
      How brave is your love?
Extract of Wattpad reader comments
This is so well written. I LOVE your writing style ❤❤❤
I love how in your version of beauty and the beast, you've given the beauty's sisters more character and made them more realistic as opposed to most accounts where the sisters are  just bland and mean. I also like how you've given Belle a backstory. The best part in all of this is the historical accuracy, and the proper use of royal titles. It's my first time reading this and I'm so excited for what's to come!

This is very good so far! I love the filling out you have done with such a classic tale, adding more background and feelings to really give the story a large presence. Brava!
I'm so glad that I found this! It's amazing and deserves way more attention!
I love love love ur book beauty and the beast. The way that u changed the story but yet kept it the same was amazing.
Omg Disney skipped the plan to eat her haha.
Love the first line! And impressed by how Beauty seems to bring out the best in everyone - except her sisters.

I effing love this story! I don't understand why it isn't more popular

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WackyMinx WackyMinx Sep 09, 2017
This exerpt was really intriguing. It had all the elements for a perfect chapter. Looking forward to read it. ♥
                              Keep it up. It's sounds so interesting.
jody_mason jody_mason Jun 11, 2017
Omg. I've always loved the animated movie. I'm sure I'll love your book! So excited
InfiniteMiracle InfiniteMiracle Aug 12, 2017
I really enjoyed this prologue, and I look forward to reading more!
Chocoamour Chocoamour Jul 22, 2017
Oh my God!!!!!!!! That was so good. I'm so glad I don't have to wait another week to read the next chap.❤
maribelbuenaflor maribelbuenaflor Jun 11, 2017
I so love Beuty and the Beast story and I'm one lucky reader to stumble on your work.  Kudos to you!!!
Me_Myself_And_Senpai Me_Myself_And_Senpai Jul 25, 2016
"Beauty and the Beast" is like, one of my favorite TV shows and you are now one of my best friends. Congratulations.