Mafia's Obsession

Mafia's Obsession

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Mahita Varma By mahitavarma Completed

A naive teen goes out of her way and visits a club, she isn't supposed to. Catching the eye of the most dreadful man in the world, seizing her route back to her normal life.

Awaiting her in his club, is the ruthless King of underworld. No, isn't his word and he can't take it as an answer. But, when the girl he isn't able to resist, is adamant in giving him what he dislikes, he is ready to burn the whole world to make her love him.

Will his ego burn her in the process?
Will the innocent ever be able to love the monster?
Full of enemies will his love meet the rocks, or a smooth end?

All these questions will meet their answers if you click the read button,
So it's for you to find out about their story :)

#Ranked 3 in romance#

Fire_heartx Fire_heartx Nov 05
Indian or not being a grammar nazi is just irritating yaar. Sahi mein bahut gussa aata hai.
ccbeauty ccbeauty Nov 27
Your not being rude your being honest and people shouldnt point out your mistakes when they make mistakes themselves
Don't worry about that we'll get the message you wanted to convey
va123987 va123987 Nov 22
you must learn to take criticism well........
                              just so you know, you sound like a very bitchy person here....
NikiJ2512 NikiJ2512 Nov 10
I'm Indian too!!! I'm usually obsessed with using correct grammar but I won't point the mistakes out... main aapke aashaon ka samman rakhoongi😊😉
Cathmoo Cathmoo Nov 20
Isn't the point supposed to help you advance your writing skills? Making sure you have good spelling and grammar is important for a good story. Just saying :)